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Commercial trucks pose a constant, serious hazard on the roadways of Georgia to motorists in smaller vehicles. If a bad crash happens between a big rig and another vehicle, the worst of damages are most often suffered by the motorist. To make the situation even worse, truck crashes are often caused by the negligence of the trucker, not the driver of the smaller vehicle.

Did you get hit by reckless trucker while driving through Macon or the surrounding area? Don’t let the damages you have suffered fall on your financial responsibilities! Stand up for your rights by coming to Cooper, Barton & Cooper and letting our highly experienced Macon truck accident attorneys work on your case on your behalf. When we handle a claim, we act as if we are representing ourselves – that’s how seriously we take it!

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What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

Ambulances often transport truck accident survivors to emergency rooms for immediate medical treatment. The truck driver's contact information and insurance information can be obtained from anyone at the scene (who is able to do so), as can witnesses' information and photos of the scene. Your insurance provider may claim that your injuries weren't serious enough to justify medical attention if you wait too long to seek medical attention. They might also claim that the injuries were caused by a separate incident.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Georgia

Thousands of truck accidents occur on America’s highways each year. While every crash is unique, there are a few common threads as to why they happen. If one of these common factors can be proven in your claim, it should greatly reduce your own liability, putting it on the truck driver instead.

Why do truck accidents commonly happen?

  • Trucker exhaustion: The average truck driver is scheduled 14 hours a day, 70 days a week. 11 hours a day are spent driving. It all adds up to exhaustion behind the wheel. When someone is tired, they exhibit intoxicated-like behaviors, such as a loss of lane control and inability to judge distances accurately.
  • Speeding: To try to shorten their work schedules, some truck drivers speed from one destination to another. The size and weight of their vehicle combined with high speeds equates to huge stopping distances. The chances of a catastrophic rear-end collision if a trucker speeds are high.
  • Vehicle defects: Some truck accidents can be linked to a defect with the big rig itself. Braking issues, for example, are a serious concern for the truck driver and other motorists alike. In such a case, liability may be placed partially on the truck part manufacturer or the trucking company that failed to maintain the vehicle properly.
  • Cargo problems: Securing cargo correctly on a commercial truck is a big responsibility, but not one that truckers and their coworkers take seriously. If you get hit by cargo that spills onto the road, or lose control of your vehicle because of it, be sure to get pictures of the loose cargo for your future claim.

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