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What to Know When Coronavirus Shuts or Closes a Business


Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is jolting the economy in Macon, all of Georgia, and everywhere for that matter. Many employers are being forced to close their doors due to local regulations or as a voluntary precaution, some with little notice to their trusted team members and employees. Unfortunately, this is going to have massive impacts on the lives of many employees. Yet, there may still be some relief available to individuals impacted by the loss of their job. Here's what you need to know:

If you are laid off, your hours are reduced, or you are temporarily furloughed without pay by an employer that was forced to close, you are likely eligible for benefits.

If you are forced to take leave without pay because you are sick, caring for a member of your family, or are in quarantine, you may also be eligible for benefits.

The reason is because, in Georgia, eligible employees are entitled to benefits when they are separated from their job due to no fault of their own or because of a lack of work.

The Georgia Department of Labor is taking steps to support employees impacted by this virus. Employers are required to report when employees are out of work, including when the reduction in work hours is temporary. Otherwise, the employer may be on the hook for the full amount of unemployment benefits.

Due to the virus, the Department has temporarily closed its in-person services. However, you may file claims and report to the Department online. Please keep yourself safe and healthy and visit the Department of Labor's website for more information:

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